Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This Week in Ethnic Studies: 9/11 - 9/15

This Week in Ethnic Studies: 9/11 - 9/15
This is the end of the first six weeks. ALL make-up work must be turned in 9/15. All missing assignments will become permanent zero's.
Completion of Discrimination Scenarios
Film Study “ Gran Torino”
Complete Film Study
Are you a racist poll test?
Discussion of the Characteristics of Racism
Lab time/ QCC 2 Project
Socratic Seminar #3 due tonight at midnight (check Edmodo)


Lab Time/ QCC Project
Poster Board Convo
Film clip analysis
Edmodo Discussion


Video Clip
 Reading Whistling Vivaldi Pgs Chapter 3
 Socratic Seminar prep


Socratic Seminar/ Film Study
 QCC Project Due 9/22

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This Week in Ethnic Studies- 1/30 - 2/3
 Inclusion and Exclusion Activity
Read pgs Whistling Vivaldi Pages 29-44
Assign QCC Project #2
Film Study Due today by midnight
 Article “Prejudice”
T-Shirt assignment/ Discussion (In class assignment)
Video Clip
Socratic Seminar #2 prep)
 Lab Time
Early realease (Socratic Seminar)
 Class Discussion “ The N Word”
Aparthied- Video Clip
Video Assignment—Discrimination v. Selection
"Selma" Film Study
 Lab time to answer Questions and work on the QCC Project.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Welcome to Ethnic Studies

Regular updates will be posted to my blog below and resources will be posted in the Class Resources areas accessed by clicking the button on the right.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am very excited to be teaching a new class this year. Ethnic Studies is an exciting course and I look forward to all the fun learning that we will do together this semester. Parents, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

For the weekly schedule, assignments details and due date please scroll down below on the view tab. For all assignment sheets, readings, syllabus, and other resources please click on the class resources tab in the left hand toolbar.

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to promote discussion about diversity issues within American society. The course will focus on stereotypes, social justice issues, immigration, racial disparity, cultural contributions and current issues. The goal of the course is to promote enlightened perspectives about the eclectic society in which we live as well as foster a more tolerant school community. The course utilizes a wide array of primary and secondary source materials to encourage students to form more independent opinions on topics of concern in modern American society.